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Work Experience Tasters


A blend of teaching and work experience for 1 day per week for up to 7 weeks



This course provides learners with a range of work-experience activities in various settings involving employers from a number of sectors. Learners develop their skills in:


  • Listening

  • Speaking

  • Problem solving

  • Staying positive

  • Aiming high

  • Teamwork

  • Creativity

  • Leadership


Learners receive personal Careers advice and guidance from an expert Careers adviser and take part in ‘hands-on’, practical tasks to develop their CV and prepare for interviews. They research the range of post-16 options including Apprenticeships and Further Education. This activity helps build their confidence, self-esteem and trust.


Work-experience is provided by a programme of half or full-day visits to local employers. Alternatively, employers may visit the course venue. Our digital employer engagement programme, Let’s Do Business will enable learners to engage with more local employers either during the course or at home. There is also a visit to a local college to discuss the college provision, how to apply and have a tour of the facilities. These visits are followed-up back in the training centre to consolidate what learners have discovered and enable them to do further research to find out more which develops their research and planning skills.


The course can be provided on your premises or at an external venue.




As a guide, the cost for delivery of each day of the teaching element on your premises for up to 12 learners would be around £300 per day. Alternatively, external venue delivery would cost around £550 per day. External venues used provide high quality, safe facilities.


The cost of the work experience element is £100 per learner per day.


Costs may vary according to learners’ needs as we may need to provide an assistant to support the trainer and ensure Safeguarding is managed as effectively as possible unless a school/college member of staff is present throughout the course.


Maximum learner numbers are agreed in advance and will be lower for groups of learners requiring additional supervision and support.


For more information or to book call 0345 5480080 or email:

Image by Gabrielle Henderson
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