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Work Experience Placement


This programme provides a placement at a local employer agreed with the learners and school for one day per week for 6 weeks. Discussions take place with the learner to understand her/his aims and ambitions to ensure the ‘best match’ employer is sourced no further than 30 minutes from her/his home.


Employers are selected from the Career Seekers Direct (CSD) database of around 100 employers from a range of industry sectors. All employers have passed the necessary Risk, Safeguarding and Health & Safety checks.


A comprehensive risk assessment and induction are completed for each learner with input from the school and parent/carer and their school including travel arrangements to and from the placement.


The employer designates a staff member to supervise the placement and her/his contact details are given to the student and captured on the health and safety form. These details are given to the school before the learner commences with the employer.


The placement hours and days will be agreed with the learner and, school at the interview and planning stage when matching a learner to an employer.


Parent/Carer consent will be received before any personal data about the learner is shared with the employer. Our Confidentiality and Data Protection policies are adhered to at all times.


Outcomes of the work experience are agreed with the employer, learner and referring school prior to the placement commencing. 


Employers are contacted early each day. If the learner hasn’t arrived, a call is made to the school and action to be taken agreed.  The employer is given contact numbers for our placement manager and the school. If contact with the school is unattainable, CSD will contact the parents/carers.


During the placement, learners complete our Work Experience Journal to record their work experience and progress. The employer can also write in the journal with the learner’s permission. This is agreed during the interview/planning stage and discussed with the learner student and employer on monitoring visits.


CSD carries out a monitoring visit each week to check welfare, progress and discuss any issues or changes required with the learner and employer.


A placement evaluation is conducted every week, involving the learner, school employer and parents/carers to discuss the progress of the student and to see how the programme is working. Details of the evaluation will be captured in the Journal.


Learners have access to CSD Careers support throughout.  




£660 per learner. N.B. Our coaches are also available to escort the learner to the work experience placement, if necessary, at additional cost to be agreed with the school at the planning stage.


For more information or to book call 0345 5480080 or email:

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