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Access to The Online Work Experience Programme

Let's Do Business (TM) For 14-18 Year Olds

What is the Programme?

Our online Let's Do Business TM programme contains:

  • Over 35 short videos (subtitled) of companies from 17 sectors presenting factual information about their organisations 

  • Over 35 practical worksheets for students to do - activities and research based on each industry

  • Guidelines on model answers for the teachers cutting down preparation time

The Programme is easily accessed, great for listening comprehension as the language is very authentic so the student will also pick up everyday expressions and idioms too.


Who is the Programme For?

If you are an Agency, the Programme can be purchased as a package to sell to schools ( this can be used in and out of class, and works particularly well for 14-18 years old with a B2 level of English.


What is the price of the Programme?

The price of the Programme varies depending on the duration access is required and the number of students who will be purchasing it. 


When is the Programme Available?

The Programme is accessible all year long and once purchased can be accessed as many times as required for the duration of the agreement.


For more information on the Programme, pricing options or for a no obligation demonstration please call 0345 5480080 email

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