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Team Development

We recognise that the success of an organisation is all about people working together and delivering results collectively as a team.

We work with our clients to ensure teams form, develop, focus, re-energise and re-commit.


When a team is operating at its best it becomes a multiplier. A multiplier of performance, of results, of talent, of engagement and of creativity. 

Our programmes unify, focus, re-energise and re-commit teams so they operate as a multiplier, achieve the results they want and build a great reputation across the organisation. 

We spend time understanding your team, their challenges, and run a Discovery Session to identify the right solution, methodology and coach to support. 

We will then recommend and deliver one of the following four High Performing Teams sessions:

High Performing Team Behaviours. 

This session supports teams to form, re-engage and re-energise by exploring what great teams look like and coaching them to create their own reality – defining the behaviours they want to consistently demonstrate.

Using Patrick Lencioni – The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team model, we get the team to create a baseline of their performance and compare it against these five behaviours. Having created a snapshot of the current reality they then get to explore and define the team behaviours and actions they want to commit to – creating a team charter. If your team need to clarify HOW they want to show up with each other, get in touch.

Defining Team Purpose and Brand. 

This session is for newly formed teams and teams that need re-energising, to clarify their purpose and their desired ‘personality’.  It’s about getting the team focused and committed to the same goals, ambitions and behaviours.

In this session, we provided new teams, or teams that need to reboot or reset, with the support that enables the members to clarify their purpose, direction and find common ground.

Once the ‘why’ is found we move onto the ‘how’, and discover how you want to show up as team. 

To do this we use tools that help people think outside the box and to re-energise engagement across the team. 

We then anchor the work in action plans, commitments and agreements about how the team intend to keep up the momentum. 

with us today.

Team Communication.

This session gives teams the time and space to understand each other's styles and preferences. Teams can be complex. Different people … different styles. In order to support teams to communicate effectively we need to create the space where they have the opportunity to understand each other’s styles and preferences. 

We use a range of profiling models including MBTI and Belbin to help team members to learn about themselves, each other, their leader(s) and how these components fit together to boost team success.

  • The process facilitates team effectiveness by:

  • Creating an environment of openness and trust

  • Providing a neutral and affirmative language to discuss differences

  • Coaching team members to value and work others strengths

  • Identifying team strengths and development areas

  • The outcome is a team that can communicate effectively with positive impact and ease, to consistently get the results it wants.

  • If your team or teams need to clear the communication airways and play to each other’s strengths, contact us today.

Systemic Team Coaching
Working with teams to raise their bar in performance.
This practice area consists of a specific team coaching model – Systemic Team Coaching – which is a process of coaching the whole team together and apart over a designated period of time.

The Coaching model focuses on the customers and stakeholders of the team. I.e. who the team is there to serve (called “outside-in”) and on the future needs they have of the team (called “future-back”).

The approach is designed specifically to build the capability of the individuals in the team and the team itself, with the focus on development and improving performance.

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