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The GROW Programme (TM)

Developing and Empowering Team Leaders & Managers

Team Leaders and Managers are critical to the success of your company. Our GROW Programme (TM) gives your team leaders and managers the necessary skills to perform their current and future roles.  


How Does it Work?

We carry out an initial GROW diagnostic session.  This establishes the current situation and where you want your organisation to be. 

From this exercise we will recommend a bespoke GROW Programme.  Our programmes are designed and delivered to suit your business needs.  For example our programmes can be delivered over 3, 6 or 12 months and can be delivered as face to face sessions, online or as a blended offer. 

All sessions are delivered by highly experienced and professionally qualified trainers and coaches.  Some examples of the sessions we deliver: 


  • Setting Team Expectations

  • Having Difficult Conversations 

  • Leading with a Growth Mindset and Resilience

  • Leading Through Change

  • Creating a High Performing Team

If you are interested in finding out the GROW Programme please email

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