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Our Business Clients

Client A, the MD of an SME business in the service sector based in Warwickshire approached Career Seekers Direct for their support. The MD, who at this stage was doing the majority of the day to day running of the business had a clear and ambitious strategy, well defined market and suite of service.  The company were delivering the services on a regular basis.  She knew that the business was ready to move to the next level but needed guidance to support this.  

The Career Seekers Direct business partner supported the MD and :

  • created an action plan to move the business towards meeting the strategy.

  • identified the need for a resource plan & developed a professional HR a package of support to deliver this.

"I had been working too long 'in my business' and knew to achieve the strategy I needed professional support to take a 'step back' and revaluate where it was going and how on a practical level what was needed to achieve this. The Career Seekers Direct business partner, took time to understand my business, took a pragmatic view and brought a positive & constructive level of challenge.  As a result, the 'obstacles' I had envisaged were identified and addressed". MD, Client A 

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